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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Class outing today, watched the poseidon... It was really cool huh?! So sad I couldn't eat lunch with u all, got CCA... Then took taxi and rushed over, haha, quite scary, thought I wouldn't make it in time!!

Then in the end I had to sneak in cause I had no ticket and woots! It was easy! Oh well, but I wont sneak in unless Im forced to... I very guai1 one =)... The show was sooo exciting! Some parts when people were getting killed by the ship capsize, jiahui was laughing so loud, haha. One time with novia also... Both of em laugh so loud lor. Ok lar, I confess, I also got laugh lar, but not as loud =)

Then after that went to take neoprint together, the boys went liao, left eugene lar... Then we all 10 people take together, so squeezy like siao liddat. Then eugene at the side help us press button, haha. After that some people went liao, left me, novia, jiahui, felicia and eugene. We took another time la, I pay more cause ya la, I sneak in never pay movie ticket mah... Then this one nicer cause at least can decorate, not all head and head and more head over there...

Turn out quite nice la, haha, maybe nxt time I scan then post up here lor. Then the other one with all the head one, 10 ppl squeeze that one... Ask eunice tan for it lor, she have everything with her. Ya la, thats practically it lor, and I going big walk tmr so must sleep early then can wake up early. Goin with some pri sch frens, maybe I'll see some of u all there, if u all going lar =) ciao!


-10:11 PM-


We belong to 1IOWA'06 and 2IOWA'07. We are known as the Iowans and we're the funk-iest and fun-nest class you can find. We belong to a place called Dunman High which we call our second home. Iowa consist of 27 female and 9 male which are smart, musically talented and atheletic.

Chairperson: Felicia
Vice-Chairperson: Grace
Secretary: Jia Min
Treasurer: Wenyi
Assistant Treasurer: Jun Kai
NE Rep: Eunice Tan
CIP Rep: Jovina
AV Rep: Alex

Digital Arts: Esther
Photographer: Yen Chen
Special Projects Manager: Eunice Lee
Special Projects Manager: Yi Jing
Birthday Rep: Karis
Birthday Rep: Samantha
Birthday Rep: Yi Hui
Birthday Rep: Kee Chin
Environmental Officer: Leslie

Language Arts Rep: Rebecca
Higher Chinese Rep: Si Yin
Higher Chinese Rep: Daniel
Mathematics Rep: Zi Xuan
Mathematics Rep: Wei Qi
P.E. Rep: Cheng Ting
P.E. Rep: Marcus
Science Rep: Yi Jie
Science Rep: Jessica

Iowa SC
Eugene, Dinah, Yi Lin, Jasmine, Siswo


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