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Sunday, December 31, 2006

harlow =) 3 more days till the iowans unite. haha, longing for that eh? anyways, remember to wear pe tee on the 1st day of school. we will give u guys the class tee before flag raising so that u guys can wear it for flag raising eh. and yes, remember to bring 22 bucks. $22 must be seen on the 1st day of school k? and it's gonna be a new year in 2 more hours. so happy new year =)


-10:29 PM-

well well im back once again. who attempted to post today? as in good that someone wants to post lar. but sad that the person did not write anything. ><

YAY! happy new year!! in a few hours time tho. hees

who cares? im so happy larhs. cos school's gonna reopen. i know some ppl not happy about sch reopening haha. but i am! cos i get to see all of ya. whoots. 3 more days. yes...just wait...hmmm patience...

okay. i just wanted to wish you all happy new year! haha. but how come the blog's not so activie already? counting down tonight? haha. okay la post more and tag more ya? miss u all loads ^^


-6:08 PM-

-12:18 AM-

Friday, December 29, 2006

okay im here to revive the blog. but u all need to help also larh. ^^ right? so yarhhh. anyways when sch reopen rmb to bring $22 if u havnt paid. okay? cos my mummy helping to pay first...alot lorh... but its okay. so long as u all return the money to me...then it's alright. hahas. yays sch reopening in...5 days!!! rejoice~! haha. i so ELATED. lawls. okay i'll stop here...im sneezing too much already. who thinking of me har? make me sneeze so much? jkjk =D


-12:42 PM-

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

12 midnight.. Meaning.. My favourite festive season is officially over. It's christmas no more. But nevermind. I'll still keep this skin, and the songs, haha. Afterall it's nice right?

Our first christmas together. How does it feel eh? I think it's great, haha. Tho it could be better if more people tagged and posted during countdown time and more christmas greetings! I must beat jovina next year, haha. Anyway, I'd say this is the best christmas I've ever had, don't know 'bout you guys.

I'm posting alot, but who cares right? Haha, I'll liven this blog up! =) So... Anyone gonna countdown for new year? I'll probly won't be counting down on the blog cause maybe I'll be going out with my CO friends(and that includes yihui, I'm gonna pull her there, hehehe). But if alot of them can't go, then I'll skip it and stay here.

PS. I can't wait for the class tee to finish!

with love, xoxo

-12:00 AM-

Monday, December 25, 2006

hey peeps!!! MERRY XMAS ALL!!! haha... and tt was a nice blogskin we have there!!! whoots!!! iowans rock the hse!!! oops... i mean ROCK THE WORLD!!! haha... c u guys soon!!!=)

-5:47 PM-

I just switched on my phone awhile ago, deleted my full inbox and in comes 12 christmas greetings. Hoping I wasn't too late, I mass messaged 22 people my greetings awhile ago and immediately received replies. It was such a happy time. Last time I only bothered to message a few close friends. Sorry for the kinda late christmas greetings. =P

Lots of people stayed up late last night! I only stayed till 12+, sadly.. But New Year is the more important time to stay awake. And New Year countdown is the MOST important one. And haha, I just received a funny x'mas reply from our Iowa's one and only lee zi xuan, and it reads...

Hmmmm merry christmas. But without snow it won't be real christmas. Therefore, bang ur head against the wall n u should see the snowflakes immediately. If not, try harder. Ur dearest friend wish u once again, merry christmas. :)

What a nice sense of humour huh? And seriously.. Why is it only me and siyin zi-highing over here? Everyone come post! Those who posted, post AGAIN!.. I will sign off now..

with love, xoxo

-1:25 PM-


ahahs the activeness of the blog has died down huh? oh well. what can i do i did my best haha! =D no pressies from me this year. thnx for all who sent me a 'merry christmas' message last night. thank you a WHOLE LOT. haha. i was busy replying till 1.30! that kept me busy enough. ^^ okay like wad feli said, siyin loves iowa and all iowans too! yay rawk on!

-10:07 AM-

Sunday, December 24, 2006

YAYS im back. and HIGHER THAN EVA!!!!! the blog's so nice. and i miss u all soooo much. feli's post made me realise how much i missed u all. hahaha.

im gonna look forward to sch reopening, hw finished or not. i dun care. cos its christmas. and yay!! lets party. hahaha yijing im zi-highing aso. heees.


-11:13 PM-

Why isn't anyone coming to the blog! Tho it's much better than usual... But it's CHRISTMAS for godsake! I wanna see better than this! And tagboard is counted as quite dead lor... Everyone go TAG! If not then POST something!

Hopefully the new year would be much better. And everyone prepare your new year resolutions! Ok... I think I'm zi-highing over here. Haha. Nvm.. I will continue zi-highing! Then tmr, on the actual christmas day, I'll be chionging my homework. Haha. What a wonderful way to celebrate huh? Poor me..

And is everyone affected by the weather or is it only me? Cause it's so cold that I can't stop sneezing every 5 seconds. *AAACHOOOO*. Excuse me.. Haha. Seriously, I got nothing more to say, and it's hard to zi-high.. Unless someone's willing to 'high' with me. Haha. Sounds weird.

PS. Wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year

with love, xoxo

-10:38 PM-

harlow =)

1st time our blog so active leh

and the template is nice ;)

thanks to yijing and siyin =)


9 more days before we're united

haha, all of us miss each other right =P

oke, anyways merry christmas to u guys =)

wait, i shall make it bigger than leslie's =P


any iowan wanna stay up late to countdown? X)

class's tees coming out soon


i sound like loanshark liao.

hehe, anyways iowa rocks right? =)

Feli loves all iowans :)

-7:16 PM-

YAY many people are posting!!!!!!

this is the duno how many time im posting today. but i'm STILL POSTING!! the christmas spirit is acting on me. WHEE! nice skin? i found it and approved by yijing haha. i tink the blog's prettyyyy. and i want my PRESSIES!!!! haha. tentatively the song has not been put up, but the song chosen by leslie is RUDOLPH the rednose reindeer by...WILLIAM HUNG. its rather funny when u first hear it. HAHAHA. yay christmas. i'll stop here. FOR NOW. maybe i'll post again later. hee.


*post more okay?
**remember to wish me merry christmas MUAHAHA
***thnx yijing!

-3:22 PM-

9hrs 15 mins till christmas...
but i'd still lke to wish u all
MERRY DAY... ok lol lol lol
merrychristmas everyone..
er.. may you get what you all have been wishing for but think abt this first.. have you all been gd or naughty this year... hehehe.
ok very lame i know.

i'll cut to the point.

MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU ALL. and a happy new year.


-2:45 PM-

hello, it's esther here.

merry christmas! :D

enjoy the festive seasons,
&& grah, school's reopening.

and yeah!
collection of money for class tee, y'know what to do.

christmas rocks,
so does 1/ 2I. (:

-2:23 PM-

I'm SOOO lovin' the x'mas spirit. It's like one of the best holidays ever ok! So, I won't be so bad as to just give you guys my x'mas blessings. I'm giving Iowa blog the X'MAS SPIRIT by giving it a X'MAS skin. Haha.

Tho it may not really suit, but it's the nicest one I could find. UNLESS, anyone of you are willing to volunteer your precious time to make one or find one. Let's get ready for christmas and welcome the whole new year ahead of us! Why don't we all meet up on the last day of the year and have an IOWA countdown together?! I know it sounds crazy, but it'll be fun right? Hahaha. So how??

-EDIT START- Yay! Let's thank siyin for the nice skin she found. -EDIT END-

I'll be back on x'mas day and SPAM the blog with x'mas wishes for everyone. AND NO ONE IS TO SLEEP ON THAT DAY! Mwhahahah!! Ok.. Just kiddin'... You can go sleep... But I'm staying awake that night =)


xoxo :)
, yijing-

-1:30 PM-

leslie was a meanpoke joker by typing that HUMONGOUS 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' onli. hmph.

siyin ^^

-1:20 PM-

Merry Christmas :)

here's to the christmas spirit!

-1:15 PM-

yes yes i havnt been posting. i KNOW. so im making up for it yay!

sch reopening in ummmm...10 days! hoooray. i cant wait to see you guys la. in fact, the whole iowa~! (: tag more okayy? today's the 24th of december, which makes the day a christmas eve! got many presents anot? nobody gimme! hahaha just kidding. ohoh! sam gave me tho. thnx! =D hopefully the class tee would be done before school reopen so you guys can wear it on the first day of sch. ahh i cant tho. i need to wear SC shirt. gah.

year 2's dhs explore would be on...3rd day i THINK. since year 3's would be on 2nd day. iowa must jiayou! ^^ should hav finished MORE THAN HALF of your hw le by now haha.

tmr christmas liao. MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance! will post again tmr if i have time. yay. send me sms to wish me merry christmas okay? hahahas. post if you can. if time allows. if you want. but post post post if you realli can. yay. then got christmas spirit! bye!


-12:49 PM-

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

hey ppl!!! i announce tt i finished my hw!!! muahahaha... okok... i wanna complain... mummy!!! my senior and ur senior-guorui bully me!!! i don care lor... ask daddy bash him or sth!!! haha... jkjk larh... but he seriously bully me larh! old ppl follow wrong grp only come find me... oso not i responseble for tt guy lorh... den always muz come find me and not his other juniors... bleah... he bueh song me larh! bleah... okok... so mummy muz help ur daughter k? haha... gtg! cya soon!!!

-4:49 PM-

Friday, December 15, 2006

look HERE >> I LOVE IOWA~! ahas i know im crazy. yes im mad.
im missing ALL of ya...
looking forward to reopening to see iowa REUNITED! <3
iowa's so special it drives me crazy. doesnt it?
i KNOW im random today. and away i fly! and away! and away!
this is fun..
remember to pay for class tee kay? fullstop. bye.

-6:51 PM-

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ello ppl!!! haha... okok... so... u guys finished hw? erm... i still left 2 CAP... muahahaha... chan siyin... i finally faster than u... bleah... nvm... juz to tell u all tt i rebonding my hair tml!!! woohoo!!! haha... okok... so erm... shall not post too long? lol... buhbye!!! hope to see u all soon!!!

-4:45 PM-

Thursday, December 07, 2006

this is how the class tee will look like...hope u guys like XD

-9:28 PM-

hey guys! whose enjoying their holidays? XD anyway, we've a new class tee. nice nice class tee. at least nicer than last year i guess. last year together as a class le, so be enthu in 2007 k! and ya, there'll be a class gathering on the coming wednesday, 7 Dec. Meeting at somerset mrt station at 2. All to come, and pls do not come empty handed, must bring at least 22 bucks! cos we got to pay for class tee...and all of us are broke u see X) haha, so yep, hope all of u can come. cya then =)

-2:04 PM-

Hallo =D yea. the class tee design is relatively nice. just like the one i saw the other day in the nike shop (but the design is 25% different and the colours are obviously different) =D haha. the yellow is kinda wierd lor..but nvm larh.
Anyways, hope that the final product made by the erm..yaa..(Wah Mee Silk Screen), to be exact, will be nice larh. The cost: $22..(i better don't comment on the price) =D
Just hand the money to us and the product will be delivered just on time =D if not..HAHA..lolz
and happy paying =D


-1:15 PM-

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


We've ordered the class tee already! It's jersey material and it's White-Grey-Yellow(sad lar, they don't have yellow orange kinda colour). Let's HOPE and PRAY it turns out nice! It's $22, quite cheap for jersey shirt and 3 colours also. (we bargained ok?! It was actually $23, one dollar makes a big difference ok! Tho I won't state out the MANY things you can buy with it).

So, we're planning to collect the money next Wednesday on the 13/12. Where to meet and everything will be updated when we decided, prepare the money and keep your Wednesday free! We need the money by the 27th so HURRY! You can pay the money to me, feli, esther or daniel if you can't go on Weds, but make sure it's before the 27th.



-9:09 PM-

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I bet if you wanna compare who done the LEAST work... I'll win! haha. Talking bout our new 2Iowa'07 class tee on MSN now. Guess what? Design is halfway done and we're gonna make it soon! WOOOOOOO~!

Haha, ok. Anyway, just to comment... Our new campus is horrible and I've ran on the track there and it's disgusting. The tracks black and everything is dirty and messy and so many construction stuff going on. The toilets are dark and creepy and the classroom isn't any better. Hopefully It'll be much better during the start of the year, and I wonder how orientation will be like =)

I'm looking forward to the new year ahead and... I got nothing more to say. Haha. Hope everyone's not as miserable on the homework scale as I am and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

-12:15 AM-

Sunday, December 03, 2006

hi~! thnx to grace and jo! well i havnt been posting cos i was at a camp. yarhhh shall not elaborate too much, if u wanna know then read my blog lorhh. but i kinda miss the kids i was taking care of. boohoo.

um so fast 1 month pass lorh. like in another fast month, goin to sch reopen liao. AHH. scary. tmr got eds hallomas party... alot ppl wearing costume sia. GAH. completed hw? more or less rite? my whole december is practically FILLED. i couldnt even go for holiday cos im so busy. bleah. no time to relax and do my own things. now is everyday chiong hw. sad... okayyy need to get back to my hw liao. i havnt completed most of them u know?! so yarhhh pitiful rite. jkjk. cyaz~!


-7:47 PM-

yo peeps!!! i am here to tell u abt my class chalet... it was dam fun larh!!! seriously!! anyway, it started off with the bbq which was quite special- first time the boys start the fire... haha.... den we ate, play, watch tv, take photos... blah blah blah... den they went home as in most of them... left those who stayed-me, my "gor", ben, eugene lum, shileon and their fwens larh... den we went walk walk outside the chalet there den we saw one small boy den we "played soccer" with him den he was so cute larh... when he kick the ball den he will run to his mama and sae yeah... haha... den when we leaving tt time he cry... sad rite? haha... anw, we went back and told ghost stories den we play murderer and bridge, which ben spent lyk half an hr explaining to us and we still donno how to play...=D den we pretended to sleep but actually we wanted to put nail polish on my friend but he nvr sleep so we failed but we drew smileys on shileon coz he was really super tired... haha... den in the end kena scolded... den we start fire to bbq the leftover in 5am for breakfast... cartoon hor? den after tt we go watch muvee den ben and eugene went back... we watch open season... quite funny but we oso slept in the cinema lyk how we slept when e watched step up after our class chalet... haha... den we go home... oh... and i got a treat from shileon for nth... $10... cool horh? haha... okok... c u guys soon!!!

-5:05 PM-


We belong to 1IOWA'06 and 2IOWA'07. We are known as the Iowans and we're the funk-iest and fun-nest class you can find. We belong to a place called Dunman High which we call our second home. Iowa consist of 27 female and 9 male which are smart, musically talented and atheletic.

Chairperson: Felicia
Vice-Chairperson: Grace
Secretary: Jia Min
Treasurer: Wenyi
Assistant Treasurer: Jun Kai
NE Rep: Eunice Tan
CIP Rep: Jovina
AV Rep: Alex

Digital Arts: Esther
Photographer: Yen Chen
Special Projects Manager: Eunice Lee
Special Projects Manager: Yi Jing
Birthday Rep: Karis
Birthday Rep: Samantha
Birthday Rep: Yi Hui
Birthday Rep: Kee Chin
Environmental Officer: Leslie

Language Arts Rep: Rebecca
Higher Chinese Rep: Si Yin
Higher Chinese Rep: Daniel
Mathematics Rep: Zi Xuan
Mathematics Rep: Wei Qi
P.E. Rep: Cheng Ting
P.E. Rep: Marcus
Science Rep: Yi Jie
Science Rep: Jessica

Iowa SC
Eugene, Dinah, Yi Lin, Jasmine, Siswo


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