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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hi peeps!!! how is ur hols?? mine is okay larh... yay!!! fri is my class chalet liao... i bet it will be so much better than khs de 6/1 press conference lor... anw, i juz brought old ppl to sentosa yesterday den we watch the musical fountain... fun larhh... den we ate packet rice for dinner mah... den miss tan order extra so got leftover so she ask me and peishan to just eat the dish larh... so we just eat the fishcake den left the chicken and potato den she pass to guorui den sae it i eat the fishcake de... den he purposely go shout across the bench sae i eat b4 de is poisonous de larh... so qianbian rite? den dismiss tt time he summore sabo me take home all the extra lorh... idiot... he was lyk "where is the fishcake girl??? arhh... ask her take back..." den miss tan gimme den when she not looking i throw away... hahaha... evil rite??? hehheh... okok... gtg... enjoy ur hols!!! =D

-6:17 PM-

Monday, November 27, 2006

:D hii. i am here to revive the blog. heh... hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! haha.. but i suppose everyone is busy doing their homework.. while others go overseas! haha... really looking forward to seeing everybody soon, but at the same time i wish holidays were longer... boo hoo... fifth week le... 4 more.. BUT, nevermind, new year means that we are going to be SENIORS! haa.. anyways, everybody, jiayous! next year we shall study hard and beat other classes k? 1Iowa, go go go!

-12:03 PM-

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yo pepul!!! haha... i am writing lyk the retard in "Flowers for Algernon"... so u guys finish hw? i still got 2 jianbao,chengyu thingy, and 10 CAP... wth... donno when den can finish... haha... anw i am RARELY online now to sorta organise my class chalet thingy so shun bian post lor... later pepul complain sae we nvr post... lol...okok... so class chalet was fun eh??? i enjoyed myself...XD yupp!!! back to serious stuff... gtg organise to make sure tt we don lose out to khs 6/1 den gathering... haha... okok... buh-bye!!! happy mugging folks!!!

-6:20 PM-

Sunday, November 05, 2006

here's another post cos i realised i missed out some other info. in addition, to the previous post of course. these are the additional info. especially for those who are staying

WHAT TO BRING: [for those staying] 2 sets of clothes. toiletries. btw, a slping bag is advisable if you want cos u MAY slp on the floor. i said MAY. u can dun bring too. money too. for your lunches. and if u wanna rent skates. or bicycles. towel for bath! ezlink card

WHAT TO WEAR: [for everybody] wear sensible clothes. dun come in skirts then tell me you cant skate or wad.

[okay i should add in the info on the other post to make this more complete.]

WHERE TO MEET: tampines mall macdonalds


WHAT DATE: 8-9 november [wed and thurs]

WHO: me, yijing, euniceS, sam, feli, jessica, jillian, karis, bear, rebecca, jiahui, jiamin, esther, sihui, grace, wanting, yihui, jovina, novia, carrie, wenyi, daniel, leslie, keechin, zixuan

P.S place for kbox will be decided on that night most probably. majority wins

P.S.S if you are wondering we're going bowling too. and inline skating/cycling and BBQ<3!

P.S.S.S we are going to buy food at white sands at about 1 this tues who want to come can inform me.

thats all lerh. ya...all the info liao.

siyin [and info supported by esther] =)

-11:15 PM-

Saturday, November 04, 2006

okay this will be a rather short post cos im here to tell you the details for the class chalet. i know i posted about it b4 but apparently it wasnt detailed enough. LOOK HERE AND SPREAD THE MSG AROUND.

WHO: me, yijing, euniceS, sam, feli, jessica, jillian, karis, bear, rebecca, jiahui, jiamin, esther, sihui, grace, wanting, yihui, jovina, novia, carrie, wenyi, daniel, leslie, keechin, zixuan

yea that's all..get it? remember to check the blog if not u duno where to meet i aso duno arh...


-9:27 AM-


We belong to 1IOWA'06 and 2IOWA'07. We are known as the Iowans and we're the funk-iest and fun-nest class you can find. We belong to a place called Dunman High which we call our second home. Iowa consist of 27 female and 9 male which are smart, musically talented and atheletic.

Chairperson: Felicia
Vice-Chairperson: Grace
Secretary: Jia Min
Treasurer: Wenyi
Assistant Treasurer: Jun Kai
NE Rep: Eunice Tan
CIP Rep: Jovina
AV Rep: Alex

Digital Arts: Esther
Photographer: Yen Chen
Special Projects Manager: Eunice Lee
Special Projects Manager: Yi Jing
Birthday Rep: Karis
Birthday Rep: Samantha
Birthday Rep: Yi Hui
Birthday Rep: Kee Chin
Environmental Officer: Leslie

Language Arts Rep: Rebecca
Higher Chinese Rep: Si Yin
Higher Chinese Rep: Daniel
Mathematics Rep: Zi Xuan
Mathematics Rep: Wei Qi
P.E. Rep: Cheng Ting
P.E. Rep: Marcus
Science Rep: Yi Jie
Science Rep: Jessica

Iowa SC
Eugene, Dinah, Yi Lin, Jasmine, Siswo


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