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Monday, February 26, 2007

feeling down?

but always remember that the plane flies high the higher the air pressure and resistence.

jiayous people =D


-10:39 PM-

Sunday, February 25, 2007

BOO im back~ paiseh so long never come update ;D

hmm didnt catch jiamin on telly ytd. hahah. anyway..i've got some pics to upload! hahh onli a few new pics..ALL TAKEN BY LEE ZIXUAN. cos he was like playing with my cam. HMPH. more pics can go my blog see hahaha.

class outing~! my feb is ending. ending!! hahahaha. i want go watch the movie hahah very long never go watch movie lerh. hahah good luck for all upcoming tests! we'll just keep our fingers crossed til everything's over. and all the projects! jiayou jiayou. hahaha.

hahah our beloved chairperson, FELI~ i gt more pics of her can..zx like took SOOO many pics of her since he was just sitting beside her then. nvm shall upload one onli hahaha.

guess this was a rather random pic.. i've decided not to post the last pic.cos its kinda wrong to post it on class blog hahaha. but its JO's pic..nvm hahahah shall not upload it nevertheless. i gt class comm pic in my blog aso hahaha.

okay cya~

-11:01 AM-

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aiyo..The class blog so long nvr update ah? Haha! is nice lo.
Here is an extract of the movie:有些事不是可不可以,而是敢不敢。Haha, nice? watch lah.. Now then know Ah mah also got blog^^

A mini scenario :Hey this is V.I.P spot u know!! Ur Fire engine cannot park here lah!
* Next moment..the fire engine got its wheel clamped. LOL haha

Shant say le..Lata nobody want to watch..then ask mi to tell em' wads the story about..then i will consider collecting $8.50 for each question Hehe... 3166 ppl (sayonara in hokien..in case u guys dont know) :P

-7:57 PM-

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ahh.. Our CNY hols is over so soon. Now it's back to work work and more work. SIGH... Hope everyone had a nice CNY this year! I got lotsa ang baos and won quite alot playing blackjack and mahjoong..!! Looks like this year is a lucky one! :)

Just to remind everyone.. We haven't had our outing YET.. People voted for movie the most so we'll probly be watching a movie this year. But now the question is.. When? Where? What?.. Anyway, my blog's got some problem, the posts wouldn't show up.. SAD.. And I guess it's the same for everyone since feli's post didn't show up too.. Damn blogger! Wish everyone a happy new year, xue ye jin bu! gong xi fa cai!! Happy new year!


-9:58 PM-

Monday, February 19, 2007

heys! all of you in holiday mood now right? X) anyways happy new year to all of you! cny= brand new year for us right? so let's start a new year by impressing our chers k? let's change their image for us? let's pay more attention in class larh. cos paying more attention in class= better grades= better iowa! agree with tat equation right =P hope tat'll happen =) n btw great job done for the cny deco! really nice, without u guys we wouldn't have put up such nice deocs. THANK YOU =) let's celebrate if we win for tat cny thingy k? X) hehe, tat's all i got to say. btw WEAR CLASS TEE ON WED! nites XD

-10:29 PM-

Thursday, February 15, 2007

hey~! happy valentine cum friendship day!

a job well done on CNY deco! iowa all the way! hahahaha. yes we rock and i know it. CNY's just like 2 days away. hahahhah. an advanced HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of you who visits the blog regularly (;

enjoy your long weekend and dun get sorethroat okay? hahaha later everybody come back the voice sound so sexyaayyy. hahahahahaha. rmb to keep your spirits up and SMILE! hahahaha. btw, ytd friendship day was nice, and i received stuff! haahahahaha. so happy hees. got chocs also yay.

this marks the end of my post yay. cya~


-7:02 PM-

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Folks !!!
since i found the verse which CME teacher was referring to,
so thought i might as well share it right here!! =D

and seems like my memory not bad wad..
its in Corinthians..
just dat its in FIRST Corinthians and not SECOND!!!
ahaha.. yup..

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7


-9:33 PM-

Happy valentines everyone! Hope everyone enjoy their valentines with their special someone(s). Haha. I went out, had lunch, took neos. And today was also the last day of my COGY angels and mortals. So I'm broke from buying them presents. Our class is starting today, rmb! Don't tell everyone who's ur mortal! Things pass fast!

To my angel, I want something BESIDES chocs. Haha, I got so many chocs for angels and mortals already. Hope everyone be a good angel and a good mortal and enjoy it, don't make it like last year's. Lastly, HAPPY VALENTINES/FRIENDSHIP DAY!!

ps. poetry recital was freaky >.< good luck to register 4-36!


-4:16 PM-

Happy Valentines/ Friendship day~! xD

-9:55 AM-

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm so bored now. How to do the LA poetical presentation!? HELP! Omgosh.. I took quite a short time to find my poem, but it was so difficult to choose! There were lots of crap poems writing about what bomber and gunner crap that totally have like not metaphor or simile or whatsoever. Managed to find one ok one in the end but now, how to write the tone and effect part!? So troublesome...

So yeah, back to folding paper cranes again. Gotta finish my 45 before I sleep tonight. And.. I think I'm gonna put up a poll for where we're going to go this month for outing. Give some ideas so I can put it in, or I'll just put whatever crap I can think of inside the poll. Kthnks bye!


-9:13 PM-

hello! im back im back im back. yay. im very high today luh. hahahahaha.

there's LSP project, history project, and geog project. anyone too stressed? come talk to me. im bored. hahaha. and then there's poetry recital and ERP and HCL test and MALAY test. woah. we seem so overloaded. i wonder if there's a 'overload' button. hahaha. oh yes and geog file check.

and plus;; now we're doing quite well in the CNY deco and cranes stuff! yay congrats to us ;DD all our hardwork. and then we'll top the class league if it continues liddat.

hees. i know im the first for poetry recital..but im lazy to do it..and oh well i need a break from studying hhahahahaha. so yupp came here to POST. i shall aim to post as often as possible. so that jiamin will not be the only one, OF COURSE, bear too...but aiya she folded 86 cranes today and she's very proud of it.. =.=' hahahaha i think most likely she'll post her pic of her cranes here next. lawls!

tmr's monday. tmr's school again. and im gnna enjoy every minute i have in school wahahaha. cos our class cant help but crack me up xP. toodles~


-8:59 PM-

Thursday, February 08, 2007

i love being a samsui woman =D ok i admit im really spastic today. i used a red cloth to tie my hair and bear was like so disgusted =D
but anyways she took a picture. shall bug her to post it here =D

and erm ppl, there'll be a scrapbook for JK and we'll have a page of our own to write what we wanna tell him yupps.

jk please get well soon!
i miss the jogging lessons with you!!

alrights people, today is a .. hmm.. tiring day i suppose?
i miss the girl's(currently boy's) toilet beside our classroom
and it smells flowery and nice lor.
haiix. can i go in?

this is the 2nd month of school and i guess everyone might be already stressed out and alot of problems have been going on.

so here's some encouragement for u all:
"young people's hearts are like sensitive thermomethers. one minute u feel everything is great, and the next you suddenly feel so down you're convinced you must be the most worthless person in the world. you may also be overwhelmed by great sadness and despair because of problems with friends, heartache over love and headache over results.
it is completely natural to experience such emotions and self doubt while young, so you needn't compound your sadness by worrying that you feel that way. rest assured that whatever your hardships are, you will someday look back on them and they will all seem like a dream."

from this lengthy text, we cn somehow conclude that all problems cannot be avoided and we need to go through them. only by that we can grow. =D

0kies people i gotta go do my standard form assignment liao..
maybe my brain just cant think.

the samsui

-8:26 PM-

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

hello ppl. i very wu liao now. anybody got anything to do? guess not. so lets slack for the rest of the lesson. yay! i haven posted the pics i took yesterday. and bear, that wanton pic is i take one. i may have send it to u but its copyright. next time, let me post it! coz i got nothing else to post. lols

i know a lot of ppl have come to post larh... but still whoever that is visiting now please tag and better, please post. all iowans (almost) must check their email imbox ah. i sent you all the I and E survey so please help me fill it up and do it k?

`wenyi :)

-11:03 AM-

hahahaha rejoice. im back! yay. anyone heard wad jiamin jsut said? she said our class blog is the most...ALIVE de among all the classes. and of course, i agree! hahahahaha. even tho its sorta like ummmmm weird to have SO MANY anonymous sirs and madams. hahahah but nevertheless its better than no one tagging. ;DDD

everyone's typing so loudly. hahahah the iowa spirit ^^

whooops i just realised i havnt logged on to ebuddy. is another logged on?? wait lemme check wahaha. the other time i logged on i wasnt able to be have convo. HAHAHAH yihui so blur added everybody. lawls! okay i shall go back to that tutorial on dreamweaver. hahaha toodles~


-10:50 AM-

well. grace told me to change the captions for one of her photoes cos shes shy.. so paisehhhs arhhs. =)

0kay, today im in the com lab now and its freezing. anyways im here to tell a story.

once upon a time
there lived two farmers
raja and kumar
kumar is the poor farmer
while raja is rich
u all know green revolution?
kumar tried to buy all the latest technology for agriculture, such as the harvester and the pesticides and ended up in heavy debts because the money lender charges an interest rate of 50%.
raja fell in love with kumar's daughter
but kumar dont wanna marry her
raja prospered with a harvest worth 10k even though rice rate decreased
while kumar got only like 1k
plus he had to pay his workers.
in the end, kumar sold all his workers,
including the buffalo he had.
to raja.
and the raja side lived happily ever after
and kumar was left with a tractor and some fertilizers.
end of story...

the moral of the story is..


hahas. hanlin was acting as kumar and zixuan was acting as raja.
keechin was the money lender
and yenchen was the pesticide seller
karis is kumar's daughter
chengting is the buffalo
some of us were the workers, including me
and jovineh was sold as a slave.
HAHA. now i got a whole new perceptive of geography.
and bytheway, according to other classes,
kumar's supposed to grow rich.

i know im lame.
but this is a truly memorable event of the year.

psst.. we're all not doing anything now and liu lian is adding anonymous people into her convo.

ohyes, and PE is fun today. we teamed up with MR Siva and thrashed the rest of the class. and everybody please join the MARCUS FAN CLUB!!



-10:46 AM-

Monday, February 05, 2007

okies people. i wanna post about the outing tomorrow de. but yenchen posted some of my spastic pics again. and bytheway, I HAVE BAD HAIR TODAY!!!

so basically, this post is just to tell you i have bad hair on the 5 febuary 2007. i mean, extremely bad hair.

so pardon my ugliness =D
im always hott. dont worry. and i'll always be.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

this is to get back at yenchen WHAHAHA.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

i dont know why i just feel like posting this photo.
goh kee kee. you can see alex and hanlin at the back. GAHH. i may as well post abt the outing today.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
now pardon me for the bad photo taking. because they just wont stand still.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
yum. four people shared this.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
choosing cloth.
Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
wenyi and yenchen sorta got lost. heehs. when the bus stop is just fifteen steps away..
and now..

no bad hair. because i went to rebond all the frizzes. i mean, its better than the dumpling nose picture.
although it still looks gay anyways.
so do u think i should straighten my hair?

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
okayye. im hyper today.
jiamin is only like that during mondays. dont worry! =D

anyways, i gotta go. i just finished geog. oops. i wrote my name as one of the answers =D


-10:36 PM-

yo folks! i'm here to update the pictures taken at our CIP @ Chinatown!!~

for the poor folks who had to miss it... (yes.. u EDS folks!)

we went to...

Fairfield Methodist Church!!!

haha yup..

and the old man who told us his story.. could only speak CANTONESE!!
and i couldnt understand a single word!! ><

and oh yea. the lucky people got his signature and took a picture with him!!

den also had a chance to visit the old cinema!

haha.. yup.. and this gal arh..
keep complainin i everything also take.
so yea. be glad i'm featuring YOU!!!! =P

haha.. den yea. walk walk walk walk.. den ha! Chinatown Heritage Centre!!!!

samsui woman at the entrance of the Chinatown Heritage Centre!!
(did you guys even notice her??)

hmm.. no nice pictures from the heritage centre..



so ok.. fast forward


out of heritage centre!!

shop for decorations for the class!!

awwwww... so sad.. BLUR pic!!!

and... after SO MUCH of my nagging...

FINALLY allowed me to take a picture!!!!!!


and okay.. now proudly featuring the ZILIAN people!!!!

and now.. for DINNER..

(pic by wenyi)

hahaha.. yupp... and ok.. now for the LAST picture of the day..


oh my.. look at the yolk. are u salivating???

(pic by jiamin)

oh yes.. i noe u are.



proudly presented to u by....


-9:05 PM-

Sunday, February 04, 2007

hey iowans

back here to post again. i totally agree with siyin for the ERP thing. so those who haven do one ah, most likely are the ones online at midnight today(or tomorrow). i finish liao but i wrote crap. i dun even know what i writing. iowan jiayou on your ERP and homework if you have not finish.

just a gentle reminder for iowans. lifeskills is tomorrow and have you all done your research? by the way, presentation is a week later de lesson so can dun worry yet. be more enthu k?
(guess the enthu thing wun work larh. i see the tagbox and posts right are all the enthu ppl do one)


-12:02 PM-

HEY. finally im back to posting. the previous psot was by feli...somehow i tot it over and ya..i mean its true that we're hyperactive and ya..more..'JOYFUL' lawls. but maybe we can like be more...considerate? aiya nvm la i duno how to phrase it.

i assume ppl are chionging their ERP now. ya..but anyway the theme for CNY is up! and be more enthu about it wahahahah. i think its rather fun.

so everyone jiayou in the projects, and the upcoming events ya? i've gotta stop here. bye!


-10:58 AM-

Saturday, February 03, 2007

hey iowans! it's been long since i posted X) anyways, u guys noe wad happened in class today right? firstly made mrs wong angry on tat day cos we wrote comments on the board. then we became famous again! and when it was going to an end, another thing happened. the day before i think, we played with the balloons and made miss chua angry. then today, another thing happened again! this time even better, we made 3 angry wif us. mrs chin, mrs kumaran and our ms ngau. y is our class so emo nowadays? can we like reflect on wad we're doing? let's see, kee chin is already getting more guai as the days passes by. wad bout the rest? this is our last year together as a class le. can we somehow leave a good impression on our teachers in this very last year together? can we stop making them angry/sad? can we, can we? this is our last year together right, therefore i hope all of u will be more enthu than last year, more bonded than last year. can we break our record and win the class league this year? can we do the noticeboard and all the other activities together? i really hope all of us would...super sad during our 1st outing larh. how many people turned up? 7! nice figure right?! hais, seriously reflect on wad we've done and wad we're doing. i noe this is a long post, but do think about it seriously...

-6:03 PM-

hey iowans! i finally got the new password and user for the class blog liao... even though i didnt post a lot the whole time. ok im looking for a desperate attempt to post something to sort of livethen up the whole blog... which is very alive already.

this whole week is like not much things and homework... but i still feel very sian. rushing through my ERP now, which im sure many of you are. if not, then must be tomorrow night. midnight to be exact. correct?

i dun have much pictures larh... but here's a few to enjoy. i can tell you nobody posted these pics yet.

this one is richard take one. but is jiamin feeling irritated by him that day. star shape nice right

ok, i know i wrote a few just now... but just take it as one larh


-12:44 PM-

paisehhs people.
those who cannot blog please come talk to me on msn.
i'll send an invitation email and u all can blog le yup.
cos hor, i was the one who changed it.. (im the culprit lar)

anyways,i feel spastic today. really spastic.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


-12:08 PM-


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