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Thursday, February 08, 2007

i love being a samsui woman =D ok i admit im really spastic today. i used a red cloth to tie my hair and bear was like so disgusted =D
but anyways she took a picture. shall bug her to post it here =D

and erm ppl, there'll be a scrapbook for JK and we'll have a page of our own to write what we wanna tell him yupps.

jk please get well soon!
i miss the jogging lessons with you!!

alrights people, today is a .. hmm.. tiring day i suppose?
i miss the girl's(currently boy's) toilet beside our classroom
and it smells flowery and nice lor.
haiix. can i go in?

this is the 2nd month of school and i guess everyone might be already stressed out and alot of problems have been going on.

so here's some encouragement for u all:
"young people's hearts are like sensitive thermomethers. one minute u feel everything is great, and the next you suddenly feel so down you're convinced you must be the most worthless person in the world. you may also be overwhelmed by great sadness and despair because of problems with friends, heartache over love and headache over results.
it is completely natural to experience such emotions and self doubt while young, so you needn't compound your sadness by worrying that you feel that way. rest assured that whatever your hardships are, you will someday look back on them and they will all seem like a dream."

from this lengthy text, we cn somehow conclude that all problems cannot be avoided and we need to go through them. only by that we can grow. =D

0kies people i gotta go do my standard form assignment liao..
maybe my brain just cant think.

the samsui

-8:26 PM-


We belong to 1IOWA'06 and 2IOWA'07. We are known as the Iowans and we're the funk-iest and fun-nest class you can find. We belong to a place called Dunman High which we call our second home. Iowa consist of 27 female and 9 male which are smart, musically talented and atheletic.

Chairperson: Felicia
Vice-Chairperson: Grace
Secretary: Jia Min
Treasurer: Wenyi
Assistant Treasurer: Jun Kai
NE Rep: Eunice Tan
CIP Rep: Jovina
AV Rep: Alex

Digital Arts: Esther
Photographer: Yen Chen
Special Projects Manager: Eunice Lee
Special Projects Manager: Yi Jing
Birthday Rep: Karis
Birthday Rep: Samantha
Birthday Rep: Yi Hui
Birthday Rep: Kee Chin
Environmental Officer: Leslie

Language Arts Rep: Rebecca
Higher Chinese Rep: Si Yin
Higher Chinese Rep: Daniel
Mathematics Rep: Zi Xuan
Mathematics Rep: Wei Qi
P.E. Rep: Cheng Ting
P.E. Rep: Marcus
Science Rep: Yi Jie
Science Rep: Jessica

Iowa SC
Eugene, Dinah, Yi Lin, Jasmine, Siswo


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